16 Dec

It is PINK season again where pink seems to be everywhere- washed over the White House, in magazines as well as on t-shirts. It started with a ribbon. Somewhere solidarity in sisterhood has become big bucks in business. So this October, vow- to ask the hard questions before you donate- ask for and research. The cause is too important. Demand accountability.


Ask how much money goes to research: how much money goes to salary, etc: how much of shop for a cause goes to the cause: when ‘donating 100% of profits’ or ‘donating 100% of sales’ ‘donating 100% od net proceeds’ is written, ask how the money other than profits was spent and where- cell phones? Cars? Dinners? Etc: when a service is provided ie partnering to provide professional house cleanings to help women undergoing cancer treatment, ask how the service is valuated- like and kind on par with the norm or….

Start with


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