16 Dec

Prayer was offered at 9:01:00 AM by Reverend Dr. Cal LeMon First & Calvary Presbyterian Church SpringfieldMissouri. Rev LeMon said

“God…as You know, these walls have echoed with Your name for centuries.
You see, God, we know your name because we are Your nation, Your people. We printed Your name on our dollar bills, chiseled them into our granite walls and regularly include Your name in prayers before Friday night high school football games.
Therefore, since You are God, the Prince of Peace, I ask You to quell the need in this room to dominate, degrade and denigrate.
I ask You, God, the Healer, to rub the salve of your Holy Spirit into our long–festering political wounds.
I ask You, God, the Creator to whisper new words, new possibilities and new solutions up and down these aisles.
Teach us, when we drop Your name, we must also be ready to drop to our knees…and learn, from You, how to be one Nation…under God…with liberty and justice for everyone. Amen”  [ ]


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