16 Dec

Cosponsor of HR 2366 Internet Gambling Prohibition Poker Consumer Protection & Strengthening UIGEA Act of 2011 Presidential Candidate Ron Paul (R-TX) & his wife Carol worked their way 2 breakfast @ Windmill Family Restaurant Concord NH. Shaking hands Answering voters questions & Dodging media circus that has ramped up since Pauls multiple years of being a CPAC strawpoll favorite appear 2 be paying off w his WIN PLACE SHOW in Iowa. Journalists Photographers Bloggers Internet news junkie entrepreneurs & Political Junkies who find life in the dust of Glitterata outcrowding credentialed media a rarer breed in the fallout of CNNs creation of i-media. People w cameras rudely ignored diners in nearby booth in their crush 2 get @ Congressman Paul riding a wave of popularity @ this time. When it was clear the swarm wasn’t going away Ron Pauls security team forced a path through which Mr Paul & his wife were able 2 exit. Congressman Paul is co-sponsor on the Bipartisan Bill introduced w Congressman Joe Barton (R-Tx) & retiring Financial Service Ranking Member Congressman Barney Frank


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