16 Dec

I learned the other day Military habit is 2 career plan backwards. Start @ Captain & then put into order the steps it will take 2 get there. Getting 2 captain is not an overnight SCORE like being on Dancing W The Stars or Winning The Lottery. Getting 2 captain is a life of Devotion Service & Sacrifice of Time Salary compared 2 regular workplace jobs Hours spent on round the clock watch & knowing deployment can mean the Eternal Sacrifice. Americas military including Husbands Wives Sisters Brothers Children Parents plus have done all this selflessly all because they planned their careers backwards. Until recently.


Headlines blare Cuts & Slashes @ the Pentagon. Headlines do not describe dreams that have been shattered w ruthless redlining of decades of dreams by Men & Women of our military. Editors engaged in Penned Politicing 2 w oblivion 2 feelings of our Men & Women in service around the world who in moments are left in limbo their military hearts torn apart. Military isn’t a career change. It is a life style of warriors born 2 Serve Protect & Willing 2 give their lives 4 strangers on the homefront & afar.


Climbing 2 Captain is more than a title or stripe on a uniform. In many cases it is family legacy of a warrior who was the child of a warrior who was the child of a warriors & so forth. Its not like on can jump industry 2 become a captain. Sure one can change career & succeed in Service or as a CEO but Captain is Captain. & an apology is due from the Commander in Chief 2 our military conditioned 2 plan backwards 4 w a strike of a Presidential pen tearing out from under our heroes the lifetime they spent building promise upon especially those who are one rung away from their Career Cap 


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