16 Dec

#cubwatch @national zoo After 5 failed attempts to get Momma Panda pregnant hope arrived in the form of a newborn panda Pink Hairless & the size of a stick of butter. The clue for the zoo Mei Xiang was in a mothers way was her cuddling her toys. The National Zoo is proud of its pandas. The first set of pandas was a gift from China in 1972. Richard Nixon had visited China. The bears commemorated the visit. Mei Xiang & Tian Tian are the National Zoos second set of pandas. Their first cub Tai Shan born in 2005 was supposed to be returned to China in 2009. The resulting agreement allowed Tai Shan to remain at the zoo until 2009. Baby pandas bring in over ½ million tourists to DC. The sex of the newest Panda cub wont be known for a month. The National Zoo respects Chinese tradition of not naming baby pandas for 100 days. The Panda House is closed for several weeks.

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