16 Dec

During a Fairfax VA school Q&A w Hayfield School a few miles south of the Pentagon home 2 large numbers of military children Michelle Obama appearing w the cast of  “iCarly” opened up 2 an audience of children admitting the super power she wished she could have was a childhood dream about flying. Mrs Obama said she wanted 2 appear on the show because the show having a character w a deployed Air Force Dad is in synch w her campaign 2 support & recognize military families. Amanda Cosgrove & her fellow cast members complimented the First Ladys acting skills along w her ability 2 deliver lines in the short shooting time the cast had. The FIRST MOTHER told children booing their response 2 the Healthy Lunch School program 2 “Eat your vegetables” explaining  “But this is for you all. … It’s hard to do what you do if you’re not healthy.” A reader commented on the National Mothers oversight of childrens food & fitness lifestyles asking why children are being targeted. One of the first actions taken by the Obama administration was 2 have lower & upper school children answer questionnaires which allowed the administration 2 begin 2 study 2 implement a targeted marketing campaign  @ 2012 first time voters using the BUZZWORDS & VERNACULAR the studies show the 2012 first time voters respond 2 along w developing a long time indoctrination path for the following generations of voters for 2016 & 2020 plus. One would think any & all results of the study would/should be made available under FOIA for Independent & GOP candidates 2 benefit from 2


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