16 Dec

There is an art work in the Sackler Gallery I photographed when I began my God In The Temples of Government project. The work of art has fascinated even haunted me since then.

Last week, I realized why that one item I photographed has stuck with me all these years that day in 2003.

I went to dinner with a colleague of mine, in town from Israel. My colleague is renowned for his work investigating UNWRAs abuse of funds meant for food. My colleague was in town, having secured the Bill he was sought to effect, he wants hearings on this same matter. My colleague said, in Israel, the sentiment is the war will not be between Israel and the Arabs. My colleague said Israelis are expecting a Holy War between Christians and Arabs. 

The work of art that has fascinated me over a decade? A flask from the Crusades with scenes of the Crusades illustrating the round of the flask’s surface that made me realize why November 6 is overwhelming to absorb. America’s vote will be historic. Nothing else to say other than…. Onward Christian Soldiers because some Jews just aren’t getting it. The vote in November isn’t about Republican or Democrat. The vote in November is about Israel

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