16 Dec

The Washington Monument will remain closed until 2014 the National Park Service 2 adress over $15 million in repairs to the 555’ monuments exterior & interior of the 555-foot structure caused by the 5.8 magnitude August 23 earthquake. The granite plaza will be removed along with benches & flagpoles. An access road south of the grounds will be constructed. The monument will be OMINOUS 2 the DC landscape as it will be shrouded in scaffolding. Morelli said removed monument pieces were saved. Missing stone aka DUTCHMEN will be replaced w stone in storage or from a quarry used 4 repair B4. 8-10’ of granite plaza pavers around the monument will B removed 2 pour the foundation 4 the scaffolding.  31 metal brackets will B used 2 better fasten exterior slabs on the monument’s pointed pyramidion. “Rib tips” the slabs rest on were cracked & need 2b more securely attached. “Those stone panels weigh about 2,000 pounds. You’d hate to see even a part of one fall out and start heading toward the grounds” [ ]


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