16 Dec

Emily Colson was filled with joy. It was the occasion of her father’s memorial. Chuck was buried a week earlier at Quantico. Emily’s joy was because she had Chuck Colson for a father and the gifts he gave her. One of which is Max. Chuck who ran on the speeds of AUGHT to NOT stopped when it came for Max. Max is autistic. Time in frame stopped when Chuck came to his grandson or his grandson came to him. If ever, it seems from description, there was a real life WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, it was when grandfather and grandson came to play. It was herein Emily reflected back on yet another similar lesson her Dad gifted her. Five minutes. Each and every day Chuck called each and every child and in that phone conversation they were as one- conversations were honest heart and sharings in a world in which relationships are fractured more and more each nanosecond by technology. Grandparents once upon Chuck’s generation lived around the corner or even upstairs or downstairs. Children never lacked for guidance or hugs. And then came technology which miracle of miracles didn’t catch Chuck in the tail of its comet. Emily told the filled to filling gathered to share joy of knowing Chuck her dad carried 3 x 5 note cards upon which he would write notes and thoughts and probably even his own HONEY DO list. It took a lifetime for Chuck to get to a point of being his own ‘sweetheart.’ Self like became self love became selfless love after finding Faith. All that had an order, Emily shared, always- God first, family next and then…. That list still goes on to this day with a battalion of humans sent to target souls seeking self- ministering of a new sort- no bullets just targeted compassion.


Danny Croce spoke for Chuck. Chaplain Croce as he evolved after encountering a man who ministered by being equal, eating a meal with Danny and countless others, sending out compassion with, in one story touching or being touched by souls who forgot what it was to connect to flesh and blood, you see Chuck’s ministry was where people are locked up  and sometimes forgotten. He found them, domestically and internationally, not caring that he had fallen, not from grace, but from the office of General Counsel to then President Nixon, to a man, well, who packed the National Cathedral. Danny is one of Chuck’s unsecret weapons sent forth by Chuck to adress the reason why 1 out of 32 Americans are in prison or on probation- new hope, as Chuck put it. New hope.


The Honorable Albert H Quie spoke to. Albert, a member of the House of Representatives 1958-1979, Governor of Minnesota 1979-1983, and Acting CEO of Chuck’s Prison Fellowship 1988-1989, shared with his fellow celebrants Chuck’s penchant for nailing issues in two sentences, not that he was impatient but that he had a lot to do in so little time a speech guide that went unheard by The Reverend Dr. Timothy George, dean and professor with the Beeson Divinity School at Samford University who serves as chairman of the board of directors for the Colson Center for Christian Worldview who gave the  homily. Emily’s example stood that in life it isnt quantity that counts but quality- she asked each and everyone listening to follow her father’s lesson to her, to Max, to her family and to all who gathered to remember the former Marine turned Messenger For An Oft Forgotten World- be a father- find FIVE minutes each day for each child, Chuck’s recipe for New Hope- FIVE MINUTES


Never To Be Forgotten

Always To Be Remembered

Missing Max? Nah. Now and forever with Max as with everyone else Chuck  touched and others to come. Chuck Colson’s work continues


Max’s grandfather CHUCK COLSON, age 80, founder of The Prison Fellowship, Justice Fellowship and Colson Center for Christian Worldview –

APRIL 21 2012

[ www.godinthetemplesofgovernment.com ]

*goP���n that wasn’t part of the in clique. We used 2 call them NERDS. Isnt this the ULTIMATE REVENGE of the NERDS. He made his money & booked it. There are 2 ways 2 go from here- complain & come across as International Crybabies who didn’t make the money or take the lead & say THIS is whatAmerica is all about- where everyone has potential 2 achieve greatness & financial wealth. First step of course is weaning the 1000s from the State Teat w a course Eduardo can pioneer- How I Made My Millions & Had The Business Savvy 2 Keep It….. If ONE example wraps up the argument on whyAmerica is trailing countries in the world w more American industry going off shore EDUARDO should  become textbook for whatAMERICA is doing wrong & did right…. Wrong? Undervalued him.  Right? Heck he is walking away w billions. He gamed the gamers. He outsmarted Congressmen a lesson that stands well for both industry & terrorism. It isn’t the ones you have been told 2 look @ 2 fear. It is the 1 you don’t see coming you need 2 be prepared 4. & they are invisible. & everywhere. For risk of sounding unpatriotic in lifes chess game Queen to your Bishop… King.. Crowned… LIKE! 



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