16 Dec

Washington DC publisher Hulya Aksu called together select business owners in the Greater Washington area at a LUNCH AND LEARN session at the AOL campus in Sterling Virginia introducing CRITIC MANIA a viable contender to YELP. YELP is the online review site that makes and breaks businesses with postings by persons alleged to have used the vendor. CRITIC MANIA is a community interest site with standards that must be met to qualify for the CRITIC MANIA review and survey process. Aksus staff researches the applying businesses, everything from local restaurants to private school, in the process of intergrating in to the company’s existing SEO campaign.

Aksu explains her approach is keeping people human. Aksu storifies the company towards the goal of humanize for customers the business owner and staff . Positivity is what makes CRITIC MANIA special. Aksu asks why complain when good things can be said about good companies. That is what makes CRITIC MANIA special  enough that attendees running the gamut of an airline stewardess turned certified hair wig specialist Laura Waites, Arts and entertainment IP and technology attorney Yvenne King and automotive business people with THE BEST ever cupcakes dessert  provided by an event planner attendee turned cupcake maker after an event cake fell through allowing her to step up to the plate demonstrating the pluck and finess CRITIC MANIA wants to nurture in taking clients forward in success.

 Content is King. Hulya Aksu’s CRITIC MANIA team is queen. Serving lunch and sending participants home with CRITIC MANIA tshirts showcasing the wide eyes bulldog logo was a definite score for attendees


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