16 Dec

AMERICANS are angry @ Eduardo Saverin. Why? He is doing exactly what America taught him as does America teach all foreign students brought over in Americas culture crossing educational opportunities across America & across the world . AmericanUniversity offers INTERNATIONAL PROSPECT tours of their campus : GW offers INTERNATIONAL SUMMER AT GW “…11% are non-degree students visiting from U.S and international universities. … by our proximity to and collaboration with international development organizations, … “American Multicultural Perspectives: Washington DC,” for undergraduates, and … Most international students who are in the US are eligible to take summer … …” edupass discussed financial aid “… One of the best sources of financial aid to study in the US is organizations in your  … Applicants are required to take the TOEFL and GRE or GMAT exams. … for  International Development, Office of International Training, Washington, DC  20523. … in a US university should visit the International Student Advisor,  Financial Aid … ..”  Fulbright Council for Internaitonal Exchange od Scholars promotes its  “Roughly 1600 U.S. students, 4000 foreign students…” significantly more potential export of Americas Intellectual property- investment into the students minds. There were the Rose Garden student invitees from around the world, memorably, the young man flaunting his kafiyah back & forth over his should while walking up & down the white folding chair center aisle…


America brings students over as cheap labor for resort areas ie Chincoteague summer shops or Juice shops on Connecticut Avenue. Some leave. Some stay. They all have something Americans don’t have- a home 2 go back 2 when either the going gets tough or the money is rolling in as is w Eduardo. Brazilian born he lived the American Dream of being an entrepreneur & now America is angry @ him. In all fairness of perspective he isn’t one of the students that came over 2 learn in America then returning 9-11 on airliners taking American lives & icons out w them. He made money. People are now jealous that he gamed the system, that he was part of the FB FRIENDS that hung out w a man that wasn’t part of the in clique. We used 2 call them NERDS. Isnt this the ULTIMATE REVENGE of the NERDS. He made his money & booked it. There are 2 ways 2 go from here- complain & come across as International Crybabies who didn’t make the money or take the lead & say THIS is what America is all about- where everyone has potential 2 achieve greatness & financial wealth. First step of course is weaning the 1000s from the State Teat w a course Eduardo can pioneer- How I Made My Millions & Had The Business Savvy 2 Keep It….. If ONE example wraps up the argument on why America is trailing countries in the world w more American industry going off shore EDUARDO should  become textbook for what AMERICA is doing wrong & did right…. Wrong? Undervalued him.  Right? Heck he is walking away w billions. He gamed the gamers. He outsmarted Congressmen a lesson that stands well for both industry & terrorism. It isn’t the ones you have been told 2 look @ 2 fear. It is the 1 you don’t see coming you need 2 be prepared 4. & they are invisible. & everywhere. For risk of sounding unpatriotic in lifes chess game Queen to your Bishop… King.. Crowned… LIKE! 


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