16 Dec

Zero population growth. I learned all about it in high school when a white mouse I housed in an aquarium killed babies she birthed sometime between when I went to bed and woke up. I had no clue she was pregnant. I thought she was fat. I woke up to find the cage littered with little pink blobs that turned out to be babies whose necks she bit on the jugular. She knew the environment could not sustain her litter. So she killed them. And when environments cant sustain, humans do this too. They call them wildings. Deliberate suicides. Call it what it is- worlds that are over built unable to sustain from local normally let alone during disaster. 

Disaster brings out the best and worst of man, some to the rescue and predators on the attack. Gas lines. Food shortage. Water shortage. Disaster. Death.  Stories of heroism. Stories of shame. Just know that when there are more people than there is sustainabilities, disaster and death happen, presidential visit or not.

Congress has been debating the District’s request to raise building heights. Don’t. Take a lesson from Sandy. Higher buildings brings in more people. More people may bring in more economy but then it brings more problems when disaster hits. Geriatrics stuck on floors Ten Twenty Eighty plus floors high. It isn’t just about getting these people down it is also about getting rescue teams up. Sandy has National Guard plus other rescuers climbing stairwells bringing Food Light Meds to people who cant walk down on a good day let alone after running out of Food Meds days before the cold hit.

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg regulated the size of soda containers. What next… regulate who can live above certain floor heights… buildings restricting who lives above what floor? Everything is possible except it seems common sense to know bigger isn’t better especially in the shadow of nature and with the nature of Man. And the next time you think to live on a floor higher than you can climb know that with every upside is a downside….. the downside is Man is Human. Humans like animals are predictable until there is reason not to be especially in a race war being fanned between those who have achieved and those who prefer…. not to and take


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