16 Dec

Matt Latimer wed this weekend. Weddings aren’t news. They happen everyday, everywhere. Sometimes the road to a wedding’s beginnings are slow to start. Matt Latimer’s wedding almost didn’t start. Journalists and men don’t always see clues laid out before them. That was the case with Matt.

Bethesda Maryland’s Anna Sproul had an eye for words. Matts memoirs tickled not only her funny bone but her fancy. Anna screened manuscripts. Matts tell-all was just that a window into who he was- a man she set out to meet albeit 14 years his junior. Anna became a woman on a mission to meet Matt. Annas challenge was catching Matts eye. She caught Matt but after a very long time.

Former Bush speechwriter or not Matt was a guy. All women know when it comes to women sometimes men are dense or distracted or scared of the unknown which women are to most men especially men of humility. Men do know one thing well. A man knows when a woman makes him happy. Anna made Matt happy. Fast forward to July 28th. Matt made Anna his life & his wife. Washington National Cathedral. Fairytales do come true even amidst guests the lege of Rummie & Team 43 others. 

Combining the newlyweds love lesson for alone-at-hearts? Love happens when you pursue life not looking for it….. 


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