16 Dec

Isaac Balshevis Singers book title rings familiar this Saturday morning w/in days of GOP candidate Mitt Romney not answering questions adressing the when & how many of his tax returns he will be releasing clarifying his & his company having multiple accounts in the Caymans a location associated w Tax Dodgers rather than produce the documents of years prior to 2011. Ponzi Schemer Allen Stanfords back in the news is accused of bilking investors of over $7Billion. Months earlier Standford feigned amnesia about his finances alleging a prison brawl caused a brain injury. A new prison evaluation said Stanford performed SO badly on his neyropsychological tests that he MUST be simulating cognitive defects which appear limited to prosecutor questions & not his day 2 day socializing & telling stories of his past. Rival 2012 GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney set 2 appear w rival Newt Gingrich @ the SAME TIME South Carolina primary breakfast 10:45 APPEARANCE  Tommys Country Ham House in Greenville avoided his While both campaigns had said they would not change schedules Presidential candidate Mitt Romney ducked in early then left.


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