16 Dec

A 1 minute siren sounded @ 8 pm Tuesday then a 2 minute siren @ 11 am Wednesday reminding Israel of its fallen soldiers & terror victims. @ the exact moment sirens sounded in memory of fallen soldiers fireworks were set off by local Arabs. Their lawyer said “My clients are not connected to the fireworks. They respect Memorial Day, and police are merely harassing them,” the attorney said, 2nd occurrence in a week Arabs violated sacred moments in Israel’s national life the 1st being Yom Hashoa  Holocaust Memorial Day


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said when those sirens sounded “We will all become one family.” Contrast President Obama to Bibi recalling the Oval meeting of the two leaders. Israels Memorial Day Bibi remembered those who fell to establish the State of Israel & those who fell since both family & those who served alongside him in battle. Bibi remembered

his brother Commander Yoni the only IDF casualty in the raid on Entebbe to rescue the more than 100 hostages on the plane hijacked to Uganda. Bibi said “… every Memorial Day I think of my dear fallen brother; I think about my parents who lost their beloved son, and about my brother Iddo, who lost his eldest brother…. I remember Chaim Ben Yona from Kibbutz Yehiam… an outstanding young man. He fell next to me while we were crossing the Suez Canal in the dead of night… I also remember my fellow soldiers Zohar Ben Linik and David Ben Hamo, both remarkable fellows who were killed during preparations for a military operation, shortly after we enlisted together to the Special Forces unit Sayeret Matkal.  I escorted Zohar and David, who were seriously injured, to the hospital, where they were both pronounced dead…. David Ben Hamo died in my arms on the drive from the training ground to the hospital….  When they say that it’s the best ones who fall, they mean people like Chaim and Zohar and David….”


Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Terror victims ended @ 7:45pm melting in to celebration on Yom HAATZMAUT w music singing & dancing in the capital celebrating 64 years of an independent State of Israel for the first time in almost 2,000 years.

Large fireworks displayed in JerusalemsIndependencePark. @ 11:30 pm ended the Yom Ha’atzmaut festivities.


President Shimon Peres a nominee for 2012 recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama presented Certificates of Merit to 120 of the IDF Israel Defense Forces @ a reception in the Presidents house attended by politicians & IDF officials. Peres said “…Your mission is to prevent war in a world without borders that has unlimited technology….” “Israel is stronger than ever… Israel has what it has but it also has the ability to renew itself to surpris, to gather strength & to progress creatively.” Recipients included Air Force officer Haya Sachivaschorder whose three brothers and parents were killed in the Sbarro attack in 2001 victims including 15 year old Malki Roth. Sundown the night before Remembrance Day for the Fallen Soldiers & Victims of Terror ended. Independence Day begun w countrywide fireworks displays going off celebrating Israels 64th birthday beginning w a ceremony @ Jerusalems Har Herzl. Keynote speaker Knesset Speaker MK Reuven Rivlin addressed Israels internal enemy of extremists all sides of  politics. Rivlin said “The struggle against those who set mosques on fire is not between leftists and settlers it is a struggle against zealots…. It is against those who spit in the face of an eight-year-old girl is not a struggle between secular people and haredim, but a struggle against marginal extremists. The struggle against those who team up with our worst enemies, who fight against Israel’s right to exist, is not a struggle between left and right or between Jews and Arabs, but a struggle against zealotry and zealots….I fear the extremism. I fear those who do not hesitate to break the rules in the name of the righteousness of their path; those who do not fear the destruction of the ThirdTemple.”


Bibi understands the bereaved. He said “… time stops as soon as we get the terrible news. A brutal sword rips our lives in two, and our lives will never be the same…Thanks to them, the State of Israel will continue to develop and prosper, and thanks to them the members of the younger generation will also be able to live their lives in security and tranquility.”


Am Yisroel Chai. The Nation of Israel Lives

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