16 Dec

Piers Morgan said Santorum endorsed Romney BUT I was listening Santorum didnt say that; CNN has been rampant day & night w breaking news Newt is ending his campaign w/out naming the unmaed source they allege made that claim; I was pretty sure I heard NEWT saying he is staying in until Florida. But CNN has also said many other things like Israel is imminent to attack Iran; that miners were alive when they were dead; that George Zimmerman used a racial slur when he didnt & we are told it it FREE SPEECH? Not in the America I live- slander is slander; Libel is libel & untruths and false statements are things that get kids of all ages sent to their rooms to write 100 times I MUST NOT TELL A LIE…EBENEZERs COFFEE House is a Coffee House without one home but with a cause. EBENEZERs holds service in theatres in Georgetown, Ballston Common Mall, Kingstowne, the Lincoln Theatre, GALA Theatre, Potomac Yard and Barracks Row. EBENEZERs began in 1908. Ernestine Reuter, a German immigrant was granted a permit to build a one storey diner at the Capitol Hill intersection of 201 F Street and 2nd Street NE, a block away from where Union Station stands. Ernestine served “Butter and Eggs” to people traveling through Union Station. Food service was not available on trains. The cost to construct the 16’ x 16’ diner was $2000. The coffeehouse is owned and operated by the National Community Church. All profits go to the Church’s outreach projects. Ernestine’s diner ran down. It was neglected. Twenty five years later, February 7, 2002, the National Community Church purchased Ernestine’s diner applying for rezoning to commercial use from residential use. The Historic Preservation Review Board reviewed and approved the Church’s architectural plans in February 2004. Construction on Ebenezers Coffeehouse began December 2004 opening to the public March 15, 2006. Pastor and author Mark Batterson’s outreach continued with his GOD Anthology, performed at the Lincoln Theatre.


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