16 Dec

Unemployment operates on an honor system in un-honorable times where people on an honor system state without being vetted before they are handed their unemployment check that they looked for work but did not find it. Scribble. Scribble. Check. Cacching. With limited knowledge on online workings I do know I am flooded with LINKED IN and other sites gravitating from original models to posting jobs. Thought a bit about it. And here it is- In these online days and times w free computers at public libraries funded by government dollars AND with the on line industries gathering then disseminating job data why isn’t the government foster a

job matching service to match unemployed to suitable fitting jobs the government can then see if the person actually went to the job(s) they are eligible for they might not otherwise consider since the job might not be in their face or in their view of who they are and what they do. AND YES, of course, having sat through VC Pitches on old ideas reworked, I will request royalties for whomever accepts this challenge and makes it happen…. My skill is being a THINKMEISTER OF DOABILITY of workable ideas conceived of from outside the proverbial box of conventional thought. Code talkies please partner


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