16 Dec

Hearing Al Qaeda is using porn to push terrorism to the world was a bit of a chuckle. But then, the day before I posted select photos from my International horse racing jaunt into an album. Few coincidences in my life. Timing is too often kismet on the road I walk. 2004 a man ran for president media overlooked. Duncan Hunter Senior. He looked presidential. Former military. His state was border to a since tsunami of illegal immigration THAT problem that just wont go away. That said the state of the economy may be the answer to driving people back home with our motto to them being SEND MONEY. Duncan spoke. I hesitate to use the word but Media didn’t listen too focused on kingmaking.


I listened. Duncan Sr spoke about the California problem of drug smuggling using horses NOT as packhorses carrying drugs on their backs but as MULES carrying drugs packed inside. Rush Limbaugh spoke about knocking Hillary out with a vote for Obama. No brainer where media was listening. Border crossing horses with drugs stuck up their vajajay wasn’t sexy nor animal cruelty to be addressed. Drugs were removed once across the  border. Now you know this has to be a real deal once you see the same similar theme played out on LIFETIME TV except in that instance the overlaying story was love unrequoited. It is real non the less. Horses in the racing industry are quite the valuable commodity- parting punters with dollars (another conversation in itself I learned too much about) as well as traveling internationally with minimum of inspection. Too many ports of entry and too few inspectors.


Who would suspect SHUTTLE BREEDING and INTERNATIONAL HORSE TRANSPORTS as vehicles of Death Destruction & Drugs obstructed by Americas past love with HORSE overlooking lack of oversight on the backstretch coupled with the reality these amazing creatures insured to the hoof while to some of precious. To others are property. And to others are Mules able to carry inside or in their equipment bits & pieces of potential destruction by parties who would escape scrutiny of themselves carrying a chip stitched in a bridle a saddle their wallet wherever.


As long as there is International shuttling of staff & stock there is concern to safety & concern to HORSE being abused as Mule… ask Duncan Sr. And when you look at the seated crowd shot at the Dubai World Cup you will see the largest gathering of Royals America Intel doesn’t often get a gander at. My photo of the Crown princes of Dubai and Bahrain together was rare when I took it & still rare today.


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