16 Dec

On the eve of Mr Reagans 100th another President famous 4 a birthday ode from Marilyn Monroe herself & marriage 2 an icon is making the news of his gifting himself 2 a then 18 year old intern who 4 the love of mike has decided @ her late age 2 write a book after all hasn’t she heard U cant take it w you. 4 all of the inuendos being slapped around in political primaries there is something 2 B said 4 a man who marries until he feels it is right rather than a man who puts 4th a public face that decades later affirmed rumors wasn’t who America thought @ all. So Happy Birthday Mr Reagan 4 going until U found the love of your life after all LOVE is A GIFT & TRUE LOVE  is Everything even if it takes a coupla tryouts until U find your Star


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