16 Dec

It wasn’t enough the world was riveted when Charles Carl Roberts IV was killed October 2 2006 after perpetrating what his mother said was the worst crime anyone could ever imagine- shooting 10 innocents- Amish girls. The world was riveted again when the Amish embraced Charlie Roberts family w 4giveness. News cycles move forward 2/out forgiveness & in speed leaving behind the story 2 B told & heard & taken on board- that of a mother seeking solace in the aftermath. Charlies mother Terri visits lvictim Charlie left paralyzed an 11 year old child. Terri un4giving media seeking 2 blame. Instead Terri testifies in faith 2 sharing her heartbreak on the Web in recordings & in person @ churches @ conferences wherever her voice is embraced w/out blame. Charlies actions destroyed his parents. The Roberts community was shuttered unable 2 speak. No one knew what 2 say until an Amish neighbor came in2 their lives & home w hugs & forgiveness comforting a family that worked w their Amish neighbors 2 broker the Amish from their secluded world in2 modern century. Chuck Charlies dad retired in2 a retirement career of driving his Amish neighbors farther than their horse & buggys travel. Rosanna the 11 year whose life was changed by Charlie heals through touch & talk & testament shared by Terri. Terri acknowledges Charlie did not have Peace in his life. W prayer Terri learned 4giveness.…. from a community our modern world condemns 4 its old fashioned ways  [ ]


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