16 Dec

The risk empathy runs is when logic is overrun with compassion until if lucky a Blessing arrives and is recognized, Taken on Board Absorbed… whatever it takes to see the Life Lesson & Learn that it is too easy to bury one’s own daily challenges in the pages of Book of Life others fill with pages with unsuspecting character players- the you’s and me’s of the world.

Light bulbs go off when least expected when the Good Person a suck-a-beast lets their guard down in their constant prattle used to overwhelm Good People. ONE detail jogs Good People out of Empathetic stupor. It can happen in an hour. It can happen in a week. A month. Even after YEARS of occasional Touching Base in a Friend/EDIT/Acquaintances life as happened recently. Shame if it never happens at all.

The story everyone was being told from friends to Church People was the bereaved spouse was left indigent. In fact the spouse was left with not only a legacy of their spouse a leader in news coverage military & local which in DC is global BUT government benefits for someone their age. Good People make CHECKING IN CALLS here & there. In this case, the CHECKING IN CALLS were always responded to with overwhelming grief & tears & I AMs ALONE which is heartbreaking if EMPATHY knows even one of those tribulations people go through in Life Trials. Who doesn’t as they start the second of birth into LIFE.

Self deception is destructive when one hears what they want to hear as was in this case cloaked in What If This Was My Parent. It isn’t. It wasn’t. A lesson from bodes well…. People above the age of 18 are adults in the eyes of the law. Take care of you & Yours, good advice, as each moment invested into someone elses issues is a moment you cant get back UNLESS they give it back to you which more often than not isnt the case as is often in the DAY of A SUCUBUS.

The Random CHECK IN CALL ended up in the older person in tears & their saying they needed to talk things over w the Good People. CUPCAKE CONSULTATIONS have a value in life. In DC the one & only place to hold a CUPCAKE CONSULTATION is at BAKED & WIRED in DC… the best cupcakes in town. Background chatter. People. Check. Mitigating tears & loud talk by being public. Of course the SUCUBUS needed to be picked up- no money for cabs. Too much pain. The list went on. It was of course the Good Peoples pleasure.

It didn’t take long for the conversation to roll.

W/in seconds the Good Peoples icing was vacuumed from the CUPCAKE top. Coffee was scarfed. BUT a gameplan to help the SUCUBUS was laid out. Help make a phone call based on details provided by the SUCUBUS. Without sinking too deep into details- Phone call made. Papers dropped off by the alleged bad person were reviewed back down at the SUCUBUS the next day. A different picture emerged. Very different but in keeping w being stuck the day before w the bill for the Cupcakes & Coffees the SUCUBUS promised as a TREAT for Listening Friend time. 

Unexpectedly, another detail emerged a slight something the SUCUBUS failed to mention in several years of Listening Friend time. The SUCUBUS said they would go on to FOOD STAMPS & take more from the Government so they would not have to move from the downtown Posh zipcoded apartment they lived in for years. Bereavement does have it distance. Patience can wear thin as it did at THAT moment like ice people fall through shocked by the cold of the water they find themselves submerged in. 

The SUCUBUS strife was knowingly imposed upon themself- choosing Church Charity & crying into Friends AND Strangers Ears about their Poverty & Pain & Plus when in fact Indigence was NEVER their case- just loneliness wanting others to live their discomfort for them. Admitting Monthly Social Security checks arrived like clockwork & Medicaid covered their Ills & Pills & Invoking the WELFARE/FOOD STAMPS/ STARVING were NUCLEAR OPTIONS so they could Stay-Put-Refusing to move was their choice because life was routine & they did not want to embrace change.

MISHANEH MAKOM MISHANEH MAZAL – CHANGE YOUR PLACE CHANGE YOUR LUCK. Take TWO steps back was the outcome of the CUPCAKE CONSULTATION & RUN like the dickens the next time someone a Sucubus comes along. COWBOY LOGIC says it best- A bad person doesn’t raise you up like you raise them- they drag you down to their level from where they climb up off your back. The outcome of the CUPCAKE CONSULTATION? Lose what never was a Friendship w Respect & leave room for Destiny to smile his way in Lose what never was a Friendship w Respect & leave room for Destiny to smile his way in…

… for the price of a CUPCAKE CONSULTATION a never-was-FRIENDSHIP was left in the dust

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