16 Dec

Sometimes nice and honest may not be what is being looked at. Ignore the obvious.


Last election eve I met a California woman claiming to make movies for the Government- Department of the Treasury and other Departments. Her ex husband was the PIO for Yasser Arafat. Here we have a videographer story sold and bought by media eager for a scoop who then fed  the story to the public who bought it fueling a political bust up over the youtube clip that turned out not to be a movie. Moviemaker in prison weeks after arrest. End of story? Or not.

The story continuing to emerge is a paper trail showing help was asked for BEFORE the youtube clip was released. DENIED. Coicidental to Egypts & Muslim Brotherhood’s dominance of the headlines, the videographer who turns out to be a Coptic Christian now languishing in prison with no word if his release is before or after election day when media will have a feeding frenzy on him. How thorough a check has been done on the film makers background? Criminal past? Complicity? Priors? Traded something? Promised something like maybe a youtube clip? After all the government does make movies- blockbusters or ballbusters? Or fuel to add to political fires? A distraction from gun running. Maybe. Or…


Movie made or just a 15 minute clip? The actors would know. Releases signed? In the can when? Before or after the Ambassador began sending SOS emails? Was the ‘youtube’ movie a WAG THE DOG waiting to be tossed to the media dogs as distraction? How deeply was the ‘film maker’ looked in to… where was he for the last 6 months? Last 12 months? Last few years? Did he trade time ‘inside’ for time ‘outside’ coincidental to the DISTRACTION the ‘movie’ created. Which came first, the Embassy crisis or the youtube distraction…. Inquiring minds will know. Just follow the papertrail


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