16 Dec

So, one person asked me what RJC stood for. I told her Republican Jewish Coalition. She said….. and I quote YOU PEOPLE DISGUST ME. Another call was to a woman. This call brings me to tears. My yiddish is as expert as understanding what my parents would say when they didnt want me to understand. I did manage manage to communicate who I was and why I was calling. She asked and I ansered I AM A MAIDEL a Jewish girl. She opened up. She said she had never missed a vote in her life. Her children put her in the nursing home. She wanted to vote but had no way to get a ballot. Hearing the Dems are targeting nursing homes telling people where to mark on the ballot …. I walked her name and site into my administrator (even formerly high power women have one too when they volunteer)… fingers crossed S.W…. you will get your ballot AND if I ever meet your kids I will shoulder bump them for forgetting the freedoms you gave them


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