16 Dec


In 1989, Morton Blackwell delivered a speech at the College Republican National convention. Blackwell, honored at the 2012 FRC Faith, Family & Freedom Gala, said  “My young friends please spread the word. Traditional values are survival values”. All these years later, Blackwell has stayed on point accepting his award, with his wife of many years alongside him, an award given to Blackwell for his work, since 1979, training conservative activists, students and leaders of tomorrow as in the case of Lila Rose, an LI graduate renowned for her undercover operations in defense of the unborn child. Other LI graduates include Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller, US Congressman Jim Jordan, Jim Demint’s speechwriter and advisor Amanda Carpenter, Wisconsin State Congresswoman Michelle Litjens and political uber star Ken Cuccinelli Virginia’s AG attorney general. 

President Reagan had acknowledged the role of LI, Leadership Institute in moving America forward training young conservatives in fundraising, campaigns, grassroot organizing, and communication approaches to disseminate the conservative message. Reagan said “The Leadership Institute is paving the way for a new generation of conservative leaders.” LI has trained over 104K of America’s future with a conservative campus network over of 1480 student groups and publications. Lila Rose shared at the dinner she was scouted for the LI home team, spotted through her outstanding field activism of her own initiative.

Morton was an LI prototype in a matter of speaking. Morton was elected as a Barry Goldwater delegate to the 1964 RNC. Morton made history. He was the youngest delegate. From 1980, Morton worked with the Reagan administration first as a youth coordinator then later as a special assistant in the Reagan administration from 1981-1984. Morton said “I aim to build a movement not an empire…. Winners in the public policy process are determined in the long run by the number and effectiveness of the activists and leaders.” ]


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