16 Dec

 One would have thought LEGISLATORS w INTERNET OVERSIGHT Markey & Barton would have assured guaranteed consumers a CALL TO CENTER for FB and other internet hosts gathering and utilizing individuals data to resolve issues by phone and NOT by clicking questions that lead to ‘answers’ and to ‘we got your message and cant be in touch’ responses. Even Legislators sites where their sites are hacked into forward the phishing CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN shoewear and other phishing scams are at risk for their contacts and communications being hacked. Call Centers/numbers are a MUST for all online  Sites. A most recent FACEBOOK hack is the FACEBOOK SECURITY pop up advising page holders to inser their user Name/email and Password w/in 24 hours or their page will be DELETED. A closer look at the PopUp fraud indicates the country of origin appears to be RUSSIA ( dot ru). A closer look at the PopUP fraud title indicates ABNORMAL “c” and “t” w a European appearance to these letters. DO NOT CLICK. DO NOT BECOME A FRIEND. IF YOU SEE THE FACEBOOK SECURITY POP UP hit SPAM!!!!

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