16 Dec

I posted asking for update on Long Island particularly the Five Towns. I connected. 

Don’t misjudge the Long Island Jewish vote. President Obama abandoned them. Obama wen to New Jesey. His eye is on Staten Island. Where he didn’t go was to the communities of wealthy Jewish Long Island paralyzed without Electricity Food Gas. A family with a level driveway has their home flooded. A family with a pitched driveway watched the water come up then eventually go back down. A family with two cars used the advance warning of the storm to gas both their cars up. There is no food. There is no way to cook. There is a deli a few towns over with a working generator feeding many many communities until it cant. Police and National Guard are patrolling the streets.

The Five Towns is as close to Far Rockaway was one can get despite having renamed their shared border town to West Lawrence a pitch to raise real estate prices. Did Obama go to visit the wealthy white Jews who funded his first go round fiercely? No. He went to where the photo ops mean the most to the masses he is courting. I know a trial lawyer I cant wait to ask how he voted that is if his cell phone charged from running his car as long as he has gas lasts until he votes… and then some


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