16 Dec

Hyphenates are easy. Take something. Split it. In hebrew, a word that is broken or miswritten often becomes another different word. In politics, hyphenates become different scenarios. Take the case of Joe Soptic. Hearing the ad created by former WH’r Bill BUrton featuring Joe Soptic pointing his finger at Mitt Romney as blame for the loss of Joe’s wife from cancer years after she lost her own insurance  a few years short of a decade after Soptic was no longer employed by a company Bain steppped in to manage. A mouthful to say in one breath, yes, but in concert with long winded Democrat super pac ads intended to think-bomb the world with political portraits only to later reveal, the truth is a far cry from theatrical performance that has replaced the iconic image of MR SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON, Jimmy Stewart’s portrayal of a man who believed if the truth was told, words were rewarded.

DISSOLVE, “to break up, dismiss, disperse” or “to make a solution of, as by mixing with a liquid; pass into solution” can be broken in to DISS- and SOLVE. DISS is defined (on dictionary.com) as “Affront, insult” and SOLVE is defined as “to find the answer or explanation for; clear up; explain.”

The DISSING of MITT ROMNEY with the Joe Soptic ad is shameful in that Joe is appearing in not one but two possibly even more below the belt ads that are evolving to be factually incorrect. Profiling Soptic is classically simple- a man that failed in his own expectations in a life he sees as going wrong not seeing blessings. He lost his job. His wife died. Blame someone in politicial ads and get 15 minutes of fame. Sad isnt it moreso when Soptic seemed to not care he would be pulled apart politically by bloggers, new fangled mediates and the expected wave of friends or acquaintances who sure as the sun rises will come out of the woodwork as will, sure as the sun sets, Soptic will get speaking gigs once his phone stops ringing or even publish an e-book etc.

Joe’s ad broke the day I received an email from my childhood friend in the much pointed at CANADA with a medical care system Americans talk about that CANADIANs dont recognize as their experience is not the HOLY GRAIL it is presented as. My friend’s cancer has returned. A single mother of two autistic boys what I didnt hear is someone being blamed. Joe, in Judaism, we value women every week in the Friday night prayer a WOMAN OF VALOR. The fraudulent portrayal of your wife as a victim is a reality on who you were in your marriage and who you are as her husband. Your wife is being revealed to be a WOMAN OF VALOR who take care of herself with a job that provided for her long after you relinquished your manhood reverting to Joe the child who appears to have looked his life for people to blame for benchmarks you appear not to have met. America doesnt have gold in the streets but opportunity? It is everywhere even for men who choose to DRAG their WOMAN OF VALOR into political mud. I celebrate the memory of your wife as an example of a matriarch who appears to have stood on her feet long after her man forgot where his were. She is missed. She appears to be what America is about….

The shift from DISSOLVE to DISGRACE in the gematria, the value of letters (a hebrew thing), DISS moving to SOLVE & GRACE is wherein lies HOPE even CHANGE as AMERICA moves itself FORWARD to, not a NEW AMERICA, as some suggest, but to a new respect for platform AMERICA is founded upon- a Declaration, a Constitution and a people, a WE.

And my friend? She is my hero….


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