16 Dec

Joseph Geddes proposed a Mothers Memorial. Frank Lloyd Wright proposed residential and retail buildings that would have eclipsed NWDC

[ www.godinthetemplesofgovernment.com ]  G Martin Moeller Jr  

ALBERT NOBBS: Glenn Close & Janet McTeer draw audience in2 a hauntingly eerie tale of 2 Irish women living secretly as men revealing a time in Irish history barely shared it is that horrifying that women responsible 4 their own sustenance bound their breasts chopped their hair swaggered spit & cussed in order 2 survive an era women were either chattel prostitutes dowagers or poor. Close has so mastered her craft it takes time to even figure out the puny waiter is in fact the award winning actress in a role surely 2 bring her yet another acting crown 4 her shelves. But 2 limit accolades 2 Close would undervalue the story she is just one actor in amidst a stellar cast of Class culture Dreams Denied Love & eventually death. Close. Close portrays a waiter who squiring away a farthing @ a time reaching the princely sum of 600 lbs enough 2 fund his dream of a Tobbacanist Shop & a wife. Except Close is a woman living as a man resulting from gang rape as a child w self mutilation of her girl child 2 survive. One hotel job as a boy led 2 another & another & another until she meets McTeer a woman revealing her gender after Close & McTeer were forced by the hotel Duchess 2 sleep 2gether. A friendship blossoms along w a tutorial from McTeer 2 Close on engaging a love albeit unrequoited ultimately being the death of Close. Costuming. History. Acting. Amazing. Painful. A must see reminding us how of the power of dreams 2 survive in a world where the sun sometimes takes a lifetime 2 shine – West End Theater. DC . http://westendcinema.com/coming_soon.html


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