16 Dec

The week after TEXAS families celebrated CEMETERY CLEANUP DAY a living MEMORIAL bringing families 2gether volunteering time 2 clean up loved ones & strangers final resting place NEWS broke in DC Mayor Vincent Grey is moving 4ward a proposal 2 build a million dollar plus memorial to 9 persons killed  in the fatal crash of 2 Red Line trains almost @ FORT TOTTEN METRO station. 80 persons were injured. 12 children lost their parents. Congressman Darrell Issa has been investigating DCs suitability for autonomy of its own financial affairs. Cit 

Family members of the 9 were unhappy w the Districts 2nd year memorial plaque 2 the 9 stating the plaque placed @ the FORT TOTTEN METRO station was inappropriate because the 9 were not killed @ the platform but b4 the trains reached the platform demanding a permanent memorial. The DISTRICT is seeking artists & architects 2 bid on the Memorial w specs including a Marker a Seating Walkway a Solar Lighting Sculptural artwork & play area w a $165K budget & a $16500 fee 4 the artist. The families had established a memorial up@ a bridge over the Red Line tracks. Mayor Grey projects the 1 million dollar Memorial will be unveiled on the accidents 4th anniversary 

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