16 Dec

It was a Starbucks moment. 2 retirees were discussing the GOPS slate. Soundbytes of media entertainment was more correct. Neither met any of the candidates but they do watch TV. Perry was 2 Texan. Santorum had 7 children. They LOVED Huntsmans daughters. SANTORUM was 2 religious. ROMNEY got a free pass. Former Speaker GINGRICH had baggage. When u talk in public loudly nothing is ever off the record. Curious. I asked them 2 define baggage. & I asked when does baggage get 4 given. Their response was of interest. By far the most intelligent person 4 the slate w ideas but BAGGAGE. 3 divorces they have read about in media headlines. One never knows the truth about what goes on behind closed doors. Speculation is just that. Liz Taylor had multiple marriages. & JFK & CLINTON each had 1 marriage w revolving doors of women during their marriages. Seems 2 these retirees that overnight luggage if that by multiple women or even a woman squired out of a sitting presidents hemisphere does not constitue BAGGAGE or giving people a chance 2 change or at least present themselves as changed


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