16 Dec

FB users are reporting mysterious bumps in the numbers of their FB friends days before mediaites released news on FB & pending lawsuits for the NASDAQ & FB IPO bungle. One FB exec left America before the IPO opened then fell like a stone collapsing farther upon reports information on FB’s more correct valuation was released to big investors but withheld from the general public. Days after FB users began noticing & sharing the ‘weird’ bump in FB friends in some cases pushing FB Users over the 5K max limit of friends, news began circulating the internet that FB is in litigation prep mode. Did the FB booking it from America signal he was aware the public would awake from their KOOLAID stupor for the stock I predicted was a Cabbage Patch kid or Pet Rock craze?


Is the bumping of FB user FRIENDS numbers a ploy to alter potential evidence in the imminent litigations towards changing the ‘valuation’ of the stock/users/members that could be used to bolster the alleged valuation of the company? I recall disbelievin an IT guy from the Isle of Man told me how wages were being dropped AFTER horses left the gate. And then years later that scenario happened at NYRA.

Will enough FB users have the moxy to Screen Grab their FB Timeline which shows the number of FRIENDs in order to assist Congressmen Markey & Barton, and the FB users own Congressman & Senator, on the CONGRESSIONAL HEARING FB users should anticipate will take place to avoid another Solyndra destruction of evidence taking place. With all of ones lives in hand in a political climate where Social Networking dominates there is alot to be looked in to and alot to be done starting with Screen Grabbing/dating  FB Timeline pages of FRIENDS & even FRIEND lists before it disappears. 


LET CONGRESS HEAR FROM YOU. Contact Congressmen Fred Upton, Joe Barton and Ed Markey & Senators Rand Paul, Mark Warner to protect your Identity and Intellectual Property from theft and cyber stalking. Contact Senator Tim Scott to defend your rights as an Entrepreneur

CAPITOL HILL Switchboard (202) 224 3121


SENATE: Senator Mark Warren Senator Rand Paul ENTREPRENEUR ADVOCATE [the amazing] Congressman soon to be Senator TIM SCOTT

And of course contact YOUR OWN Congressman & Senator


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