16 Dec

 It was back in South Carolina that Mitt set a standard 4 buying a vote giving 55 year old Ruth Williams on a mission from God (she said) a wad of cash. Williams said she started following Romneys bus when he entered South Carolina back on January 11. Ruth said she was praying on the highway when God told her 2 track Mitt down. Then she turned on her lig…hts & Mitts bus was there so she followed his campaign bus 2 the Columbia airport when Mitt was expected 2 arrive from New Hampshire. His aides told her 2 go to the next days rally. Williams said she was unemployed since October. Williams said Romney not only found her 2 say hello but also made Governor Haley come see her too. Willaims wouldn’t say how much Romney gave her. South Carolina Treasure Curtis Loftis paid Williams light bill. Loftis one of Romneys endorsers in the State said Romney gave Williams about $150. Williams maybe waiting for lightning 2 strike twice worked @ Romneys headquarters since cleaning & doing other things. Romneys spokesperson said the Candidate gave Williams between $50 – $60. Blind trust I guess…. 


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