16 Dec

Running 4 president should be approached by candidates as if they are trying out 4 a role that is being cast. Factors that come in 2 play are (1) how a candidate holds themselves. Some candidates look like Dudley Doo-right. Others look like He-man in suit jackets w padded shoulders. Some just look like Presidents America would be proud 2 have represent them on the world stage (2) the timbre of their voices. Some sound like Snaggle puss. Some sound a bit snipey or desperate. Some sound like a Leader  (3) the pace @ which the candidate speaks. Paced. Rushed. Desperate. Comfortable in their wealth of knowledge (4) connecting 2 the audience. Intelligence can override the metre of a candidates speech. Slow. Let the audience HEAR what you just said. Audiences heads are cluttered w real life & as much as there is a plethora of information the candidate wants 2 get out during their allotted slot fact remains there is only a fraction of what the candidate communicates that will be retained by the audience SO pick a few strong points & repeat them from several angles giving the audience a chance 2 absorb what the candidate hopes are their selling points 2 carry their message in 2 the voting booth after the audience leaves (5) when a Town Hall or Meet & Greet is broadcast on television LOVE the camera. The audience @ home is exponentially larger than the audience @ the candidates feet. Use the TYRA BANKS model when it comes to cameras. STARE the EACH & EVERY single camera @ the media riser in its lens 2 bring the audience @ home in2 the event. HOLD THAT STARE & remember 2 smile. MAKE THE LENS the candidates friend (6) Smile 2 the audience 2 (7) Remember sentences have beginnings & ends so PAUSE between sentences. Brilliance w/out breathing is like a horserace trying 2 get out of the gate 2 the finish line. This finish line is a biggie (8) BREATHE. Take breaths. SMILE. Look over the head of the audience seated their w you. Stare those cameras in their LENSEs. And may the BEST Man Casting 4 the Role of a Lifetime PRESIDENT…. W-I-N


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