16 Dec

BOB GREENE FOR PRESIDENT was one of several candidates w unusual platforms 4 President. Friendly Fascist Vermin Supreme wants 2 fight Gingivitis 2 avoid secret dental police or government issued toothpaste. Another said Love Peace are what his niece Yoko supports. Bob Greene warned  the Chinese announced January 2011 they will be owning all Thorium patents by years end. Thorium is a basic chemical element, atomic number 90.  (Uranium has an atomic number of 92) about four times more abundant than Uranium more abundant in the earth’s crust than gold, silver, mercury, tungsten & tin & more than 99.99% of it is a single isotope, 232Th ‘ready to go’ w an inexpensive & little dangerous enrichment process. It is found in Uranium mine tailings w a potential easily accessible source might be coal ash piles 3200 metric tonnes sequestered in Nevada’ so says Bob Greene then followed by Vermin who showed his kidney scar as part of his platform http://www.greeneforoffice.org/Policy_Implications.html

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