16 Dec

THE ORACLE OF OENOPHILIA: Pepi Almodovar of CALVERT WOODLEY WINE & SPIRITS thinks only of pleasing his customers. Almodovar has supplied DC mover & shakers w pricey bubbly & cheap wines over 51 years going as far back as JFKs presidency & as near present as SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts. Pepi talked his way in 2 his career just after moving 2 America. What his customer spends doesnt matter 2 him; hat his customer is happy is his bliss. Big spenders walk in & out all day. Economic hard times does not seem 2 have hit CALVERT WOODLEY WINE & SPIRITS. At a store where employees who earn less than $1500 bottles of 2005 Lafite live in impoverished DC neighborhoods where unemployment is 20%. A $119 bottle of Barons de Rothschild Blanc de Blancs went out the door; a $200 2004 bottle of Cristal 12% alchohol for 1% volume was snapped up; $43.99 bottles of Verve Cliquot go w people who don’t speak French & customers reject $800 bottles of Chateau Mouton Rothschild 4 a more expensive Chateau Lafite year 2005 & $5.99 a bottle have their share of customers 2. 


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