16 Dec

Neil Glick a resident/advisory neighborhood commissioner of Capitol Hill wants to rename the Sheridan Kalorama 22 and R Street  intersection of the Bulgarian Embassy DIMITAR PESHEV WAY or DIMITARPESHEVPLAZA for a Bulgarian official who helped save 48K Jews from deportation to the death camps in WWII. Glick was quoted “Bulgaria was the only Nazi allied and controlled nation to save its entire Jewish population.” Peshev was the Bulgarian Minister of Justice and Deputy Speaker of Bulgarias National Assembly after Bulgaria allied itself with the Nazis and Hitler enacting in 1942 a LAW FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE NATION which stripped Jews of their citizenship Limited Jewish opportunity for jobs Banned intermarriage and Confiscated Jewish land and belongings. Peshev cancelled the Nazi order for Jewish deportation to Death Camps after being beseeched by Jewish leaders. Peshev said “My human conscience and my understanding of the fateful consequences did not allow me to remain idle.” The little known Jewish hero named Peshev as one of its RIGHTEOUS AMONG THE NATIONS. Peshev died in 1973. He is remembered in StrasbourgGermany with a bust. There are no memorials to him in America.

Glick learned about Peshev from a man in Sofia Bulgaria who told Glick a Jewish star Glick found in an antique shop was like the star the man wore as a child then telling Glick about Peshev. 

DC Council must approve ceremonial street renamings. DC has multiple precendents honoring Human Rights advocates: The 16th Street block near the old Russian Embassy is named for the Father of the Soviet Human Rights movement Andrei Sakharov: the street fronting the Holocaust Museum is name for Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg remembered for sheltering 100K Hungarian Jews from the Nazis. 

 [ www.godinthetemplesofgovernment.com ]


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