16 Dec

The first known instance of Mayan art the oldest known Mayan astronomical tables from the 9thC predating other Mayan calendars by centuries has been found by archeologists @ the Xultun ruins in a site in Guatemala. Contrary 2 doom & gloomers predictions the world according to Mayans is NOT going 2 end in 2012. That said there are many early Mayan sites still yet 2 B found. The Xultun ruins found in 1912 were mapped out between the 1920s-1970s noting a 35’ pyramid & 1000s of structures on the 30km site. Mayans assimilated post their colonization by the Spanish in the 15thC occupied Central America from about 2000BC. The recent find was uncovered when a student archeologist tracking Xultun site looters discovered the site covered in growth. Usually Mayans did what modern builders do- tearing a house down 2 the ground then building upon it. The new sites room about 2m each side w a 3m vaulted ceiling complete w a stone bench instead was filled in through the door w its roof w 3 of its 4 painted walls untouched preserved by the dirt & growth it was hidden under. Speculation is the art is includes a bishop & king. Artwork includes the cycles tied mathematically together representing a calendar more than 7Kyears in2 the future w astronomical tables on the East wall w four long numbers on the east wall representing a cycle lasting up to 2.5million days; tabulations of glyphs mapping various astronomical cycles- Mars Venus & lunar eclipses skewing existing thought ancient Mayans predicted the end of the world

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