16 Dec

[West End Cinema ( 2301 M Street NW, DC ] Nicholas Jarecki, a writer, made the jump from pages to film, debuting on screen with ARBITRAGE, a feature not quite making the leap with Jarecki’s ambitions. ARBITRAGE is the story of a wannabe Gordon Gecko who lost the battle of ethics and morality in his grab for greed, forgetting that whatever can go wrong, will. The copper mine investment Robert Miller sunk investors money in to went so far south, Miller did a deal with the devil to save his business not his soul or his money. Miller loses the life he knew in order to save face in the money community selling a worthless company with falsified sheets to an investor, no better than Miller, a man who needed the appearance of success to raise himself up the ranks of Wall Street. A young woman dies, an old woman lives and a daughter learns her dad is just human. Worthwhile seeing? Sure. Any movie with Richard Gere is a heart thumper for women and men who love men of power and grey locks. The story moves. The beginning of the movie was gratuitious and told before- powerful man leaves birthday party to go visit his young thing on the side, only here she shmears Gere’s cheek with cake icing of her homemade cake. Blend to dark screen. Susan Sarandon? Prediction is the aging starlet will fight to play the role of Ann Romney despite their difference in party politics… Gere? This aint no Pretty Woman but it is pure Richard. Awww, go on. Enjoy. Treat yourself to fantasy. 


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