16 Dec

The annual WEST LAWN OF THE CAPITOL event is being hosted by former SECRETARY OF STATE COLIN POWELL controversial for his crossing from behind Conservative party lines 2 vote color w his endorsement of Barack Obama. Powell hosting the event concurrent 2 the release of his book IT WORKED FOR ME IN LIFE AND IN LEADERSHIP his journey from 4 Star to State wont comment @ this time who he is backing for 2012 or on his use of the adjective TRANSFORMATIONAL 2 describe then candidate Obama. Powell words tripped him up when he testified B4 the UN on the case 4 the invasion of Iraq. Powell seeks 2 inspire readers w ISMS like SHARE CREDIT or PERPETUAL OPTIMISIM IS A FORCE SUPPLIER or DON’T LET ADVERSE FACTS STAND IN THE WAY OF A GOOD DECISION words he may B regretting w his candidate support in 2008


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