16 Dec

I am following the CISPA SOPA & other evolutions of privacy on the internet. The pieces of the puzzle I brought to Congress prior to the beginning of March were a start. Information continues to surface. Some unexpectedly. Pre-March I ordered a book from AMAZON. It arrived containing a renewal form for an Age Benefit membership I let lapse years back which mind you had NOTHING to do with AMAZON at all. The book btw was JERUSALEM THE BIOGRAPHY. Excellent. Fast Forward Today. I received a call in response to a competitive bid for self publishing/e-publishing my childrens book & 3 non fictions (1) INTERNMENT OF THE JAPANSE in racetracks (2) photos of my International horseracing and (3) my study notes written in advance of my article on HORSE SLAUGHTER written for the RACING POST UK. The caller asked for my former married name (15 years plus ago). Once over that surprise the caller asked if I lived at an address (9 plus years ago). And so on and so forth asking about more and more data that the party said was in the email I sent AMAZON. Not at all. As we are too aware of these days- the companies keep our emails- so do we…. TAG CLOUDS…. That information now appearing page sides showing information gathered about us being sold without our knowledge- ID theft- if our legislators got down to the brass tacks of it all. The caller was caught aback with my busting him for repealing my past. The caller said finally- it is info we most likely kept from when you called before. Nope. Never. Email. That said. Quick google. Amazon sells books I wrote years back under my former married name. My query yesterday though?… busted AMAZON. Stop spying or I am going back to the bookstores where America has the option of paying cash and not being Marketeer stalked


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