16 Dec

 I spent the past weekend volunteering on behalf of KENNETH TIMMERMANs CAMPAIGN for the Maryland District 8 Congressional seat held by Congressman Chris Van Hollen Junior.

Touring Maryland District 8’s Carroll Country and visiting Montgomery County’s Latino Festival, one saw the voters pollsters don’t define- supporters of White Cane fundraising benefiting the blind, Pennsylvanians who crossed borders for some of the best corn and fried chicken ever tasted, historic tradition preservationists at the Union Mills Homestead and Grist Mill, entrepreneurs of home made relishes plus a wonderful entrepreneurial independent consultant for TASTEFULLY SIMPLE a company that allows people like Amanda a special ed teacher to supplement her income building HER business

 [ tastefullysimple.com/web/azepp ] not President Obama’s business.

 Employees of CASA DE MARYLAND who were NOT residents of Maryland worked the crowd for $13.56 an hour signing names on to lists less than a half hour after CASA DE MARYLAND blasted their email for canvassing employees, August through September maybe through October. The Sunday event was under the guise of the DREAM ACT emblazoned on CASA DE MARYLAND t-shirts.

Police officers opinions conflicted. A Democrat officer repeated over and over he is a Democrat. Asked if he knew his Congressman is a “Junior”, he said no. It was easy enough to explain Cal Ripken tells the world he is a Junior. Cal is proud of his father, Cal Ripken Senior. Asked what it says when a man DOESN’T tell the world he is a Junior, the concurring answer was, ‘something he doesn’t want people to know.’ Other officers unloaded about pay cuts, med cuts, voiced wanting to replace the Council working against men and women they ask for protection.

FOPs and Unions say they speak for the industries they represent. Reality is Unions and FOPs are groups made up of individuals with Freedom to vote their mind, as do their families, wives, kids, friends plus. There are merits in going for Endorsement Gold without losing sight the treasure of votes is and will remain in individuals- the officer, the entrepreneur, the man from Ethiopia, the women nibbling coconuts, the young sales associate who listened and said he wants the good the bad and the ugly about his candidate so he can make a decision based on truth from his congressman…. in agreement their Congressman Chris van Hollen JUNIOR is to be held to the same standard they are held to- complete disclosure- of Congressman Van Hollen Juniors relationship to his father, to his daughter, to Islam/Pakistan/and the West Bank-Gaza and his votes on matters impacting their Christian faith and preservation of their holy sites in Jerusalem as well as throughout Israel. Applaud entrepreneurs especially Amanda…. She is America….


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