16 Dec

Waterbury Connecticut is 123 miles away from Newtown Connecticut. Waterbury Connecticut is reported to have armed officers in their schools. Newtown Connecticut installed a buzzer entry system in their school. The shooter buzzed his request to enter- albeit dressed in black & camouflage. A person pushed the button to let him in. A gun didn’t push the button.

Therein lies the failure. Mankind is wired to think the best. To think that two hands two legs equals a whole head or heart. Not. Their broken wiring inside remains unseen until dots are connected by otherwise disconnected parties OR as happened again this time in Newtown that the emotions percolating in to a sense the average person would not conclude- erupts.

Human judgement. Lack of judgement Failure to question the person at the door killed the victims. A gun was the tool. This time. This way.

News in China reported a man wielding a knife slashed 28 schoolchildren. Kindergartners. There is no outcry in America for these poppets. A gun wasn’t involved. An equally dangerous knife was. Pens have been used. Hands. Outlaw hands then… that is not the solution.

To some degree everyone is part of the problem. Think deep. Be honest. Open up about people who give off bad vibes you walk the other direction from. People seated next to you in theatres or at lectures you get up and move away from. Moments on the Mall reported to a cop at the WWII Memorial the officer turned the table on the three people reporting a strange occurrence. Or the man at the WWII Memorial wired weird with camouflage over clothing scribbled over with spider webs. Tell the Memorial cop or walk away figuring the Pandora box that will open isn’t worth it. Or is it? The man living a lie of elegance and lies alleging familial ties to Tony Bennett as his entry into society & into Capitol Hill. Figured out? People walked the other way- fast.

And so it goes. These murders don’t just happen. Guns are not the only tool to fear. Politicizing guns at this time is. Get over it. We are our brothers and sisters keepers. We are the guardians of future generations. We have screwed it up big time smudging the line between responsibility & liability- technological bullying & truth- that in all of us something somewhere is buried- the difference being we don’t take others lives or our own. Some work things through. Others live the illusion all the while dying a silent death wishing they could speak up and not be judged. Who is better off? I cannot tell anymore other than say I know the loss firsthand. The kindergartner I lost to senseless hate was 41 years old at the time. I have never let go of my favorite visual of him dressed in plaid. Knock at the door. A woman I don’t know with two bags of presents- wrapped. Wrong door. Right moment. I needed a smile to be reminded good is in the world.

Just remember to open the door- it isnt guns that kill.

It is people who see doors closed that kill people


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