15 Dec

Congressman Platt gathered his constituents & guests in the Rotunda of the Capitol after escorting them 2 a private special moment in the US Capitol. He shared the Congressional Meditation Room decorated w a stained glass of George Washington in his famed Valley Forge position kneeling in faith surrounded by the original 13 states named further surrounded by the rest of the States PLUS one blank band for… 1 never knows said his staffer. Congressman Platt had read into the Congressional record along w his colleagues a Testimonial 2 the FOUR CHAPLAINS who gave their lives so their men could live 69 years ago when the troop carrier the DORCHESTER was sunk by a German torpedo. Congressman Platt gathered descendants of the HEROIC CHAPLAINS 4 a moment in front of the famed painting of the Pilgrims kneeled in faith on the deck of their boat sharing a moment he had over 11 years ago when he began his career as a Congressman. Unable 2 remember the name of the man who escorted him through the Capitol he did remember IN THE MANs HANDS was THAT EXACT BIBLE painted on the boat. In all of his years of being a Congressman on the Hill he gleaned 2day a wisdom out of the mouth of this babe. I shared briefly about my God project. One never knows when a business card is handed out if someone truly takes the time 2 learn more about the person or their project but that moment Congressman Platt did acknowledge what I pointed out he never knew… upper left of the painting barely visible in the sail the words GOD WITH US. Grin. Spend enough time hanging out in the Rotunda for POTUS of that administration 2 show up there is a lot of I AM BORED WHAT CAN I SHOOT TIME during which I found other treasures I hope to reveal in my God project…. All in good time & out of the mouth of this babe bragging rights I felt wonderful over after all this moment with the Congressman is what my passion is all about- seeing someone GET IT & love it 2 share

[ www.godinthetemplesofgovernment.com ]


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